senior_technologyOne of the things that I realize is that I am in the sandwich generation. And, anyone who knows me, knows that I love technology and apps and the convenience that they can bring. Coupling these two things together, I thought it would be interesting to look into what are some of the options for older adults using technology. I found that there’s great information and organizations emerging to assist with this growing need.

Laurie M. Orlov is a technology expert and elder care advocate. She’s the author of the book When Your Parents Need Elder Care. Orlov is also an advocate for Aging In Place–the ability to live in one’s own home for as long, as confidently, and as comfortably as possible–and believes that a mix of universal principles, telecare, and assistive technology can make this possible.

The Girlfriend Files has selected 5 technology devices for you to consider*.

  1. TV Ears assist those with hearing loss to hear the television better. The headset allows you to set the tone and volume that suits them without adjusting the television for those around them.
  2. Telekin is a single and easy to use family computer. It combines email, video chat, photo sharing, and more in a simple, user-friendly terminal. It comes with software fully installed and ready to use out of the box. The monitors are availabile in 18 or 20 inch touchscreen.
  3. Tab Safe is a medication management system. The base unit allows for the pharmacy, homeowner, or caregiver to load the medicine into a cartridge for dispense from the safe. An embedded memory chip for each TabSafe cartridge allows the pharmacist to interface information with your medical information as the labels are being generated. All information is HIPPA compliant. And, most importantly, the system is inaccessible to anyone without log-in access.
  4. Mobile Help is a personal emergency alert system. We’ve all seen the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials. Well Mobile Help is similar but at the next level! It uses GPS technology to assist you to call for help.  A simple push of a button connects you to emergency operator that knows the exact location from which you are calling.  There are several options which offer more features and flexibility. There is no contract required and it offers a 30-day risk free trial.
  5. Independa may be one of the favorites for anyone who is not located close to there loved one. It is a software company that provides supportive independence products and services for older adults and their caregivers who are often further aways. Independa boost traditional caregiving thru cloud-based caregiver applications, comprehensive social engagement, health, and environmental activity monitoring. It integrates continuous communication between the care team providers, your loved one, and family.

*All devices are information and not endorsements of any kind by this blog, its writers, or anyone else associated with The Girlfriend Files.


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