Coach Natisha’s New Ways to Create Vision Boards

Now that the dust has settled from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s time to buckle down and focus on what you want for yourself. What do you want to accomplish in 2017? How do you want to rewrite your script?

It’s time to map your vision for your future!!! I swear, ever since the movie The Secret hit the mass numbers of people wanting more and better for their lives–self included–the idea of vision boards has taken off.

We won’t give you the side-eye if you were watching Oprah for years when she was talking about it and you never lifted a finger…but that ain’t none of my business!

Celebrities like Oprah, Steve Harvey, Kellan Lutz, Lucinda Cross, and more have credited vision boards with helping them achieve their goals and we are no different from them!!! We can do this too!!!

Anywhoooo, Vision Boards are a tool to help you clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on your goal(s). It gives you momentum and clarity. There are plenty of ways to create a vision board. The are software, apps, and plain old poster board, cutout photos, and scissors with a glue stick, or post it notes–all  work equally as well.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. You can cut out or print photos that inspire you. Put quotes on stick notes. And create a hierarchy to categorize your map, like Coach Natisha in the video featured in this post.
  2. Put the pictures on a presentation board or even a memo board. My one Girlfriend puts hers in a picture frame or shadow box. You can create a video vision board that you can watch daily using a free app like or the Hay House Vision Board App.
  3. Put the vision board somewhere you will see it!!!! HINT: VISION board…LOL! A good place is next to your bed or the wall facing you when you wake up. Hang it near the entrance to your home that you use most often. Hang it in your bathroom
  4. Share your vision with others! It holds you accountable and when you get off track, your Girlfriends can remind you and uplift yoOur commitment to one another is to look at it everyday–put it somewhere you will see it; take a few minutes to reflect, meditate, or pray on it. And, then, this may be the hard part for some of us–we are going to LET IT GO!!!!! We will let it go by trusting that the Universe (God, Jehovah, Spirit, Higher Power, [insert here]) always will deliver what we have thought and prayed about or better. Remember, to sit with what the feeling of what it would be like to obtain the goals on your vision board.  This is the critical part of manifesting your dreams. You must not only have the vision but you must be comfortable in the feeling of your vision as if you are currently living it.

The second commitment we will make to each other is really simple. Share your vision with us in the comments below. Let’s use this as a space to support each other.

5 Minute Friday: Choose

The last few weeks I’ve had to choose between my health and “all the things that I have to do”. Now this may seem like an obvious choice but it’s not.

As a single parent with a demanding but fun career and a borderline Type A personality these type of choices present themselves as the choice of winning or failure. When you are like me and you pride yourself on being “every woman” [note to self–pull out my Whitney Houston CDs], the idea of having to sit down and do nothing is an awful option.

I had a perfect storm, so to speak, in which my running around doing everything, juggling my job as taxi driver to a teen, and pursuing my own hobbies and dreams my health took a hit. I found myself in an ambulance, in the ER and being faced with a life or death decision to have a blood transfusion. Of course, the mere fact that I am here to write this, you know that I chose to have the transfusion.

Since being released from the hospital, my mind says that I can get back to what I was doing–running around being super woman–but my body is not in agreement.

I spent this week in a series of follow up doctor’s appointments. They all agreed that it may take another month or more before I get back to feeling 100%.

And though I have tried to push myself a little more each day, I have come to the conclusion that I must choose to take things slow. And in doing so, I have discovered that instead of trying to fill my “free time” with more things to do that doing nothing is doing something. I now realize that when I choose to do nothing I am choosing to take care myself, to be loving to myself, and to give myself what I have earned the right to do–ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

‘Quality’ vs ‘Quantity’ Time: 4 Men Share Their Thoughts

I recently had a conversation with a girlfriend about quality vs quantity time  with my man. It led me to a full blown interview with some of my closest male friends!  The truth of how this conversation started is that I was talking with a girlfriend about how this guy I was seeing never had as much time to spend together as I wanted. Our conversation left me wandering,

Do men really care about quality time versus quantity time the same as women?

Many of my girlfriends talk about wanting to spend more time with their man than she is getting… otherwise known as ‘quantity time’. More often than not, what she gets is ‘quality time’.  And, to be clear, quality time for our purposes is defined as time ‘well’ spent together but less often and not as long.

Let’s be honest. Especially when we’re in a new relationship, we can’t seem to spend enough  time with our man. We refuse to let it look as if we’re a little thirsty for his time. But, in secret we are really hoping for more time with him. We [women] want quantity time. They [men] are satisfied with quality time. Or so it seems. And so the vicious circle begins. You feel like you want to spend more and more time with your man and he seems to be on a different vibe.

After debating about this dilemma, I decided the best answers would come from just asking some men I know for their opinions on this age-old-struggle.

I have some wonderful male friends in my life. I know these guys will always be honest with me. So, I  sent my friends, Jason  aka “Chef”, Mike, Dee, and John a text asking the big question,

Why does the big thing a woman want from a man–more time with him–seem to be his least ‘favorite’ thing to do?

To my surprise, each of these for men sent extremely different answers back to me. The more I read and re-read their answers, it became apparent that I had to get them together to talk about why their answers seemed so different.  I invited them to join me in a conversation to share their thoughts.

Let me give you a little insight on these men:

  • Jason, who is affectionately called “Chef” is in deed a professional celebrity chef. We have been friends for some years now. Jason and I have had some of the most open and honest conversations in my life. As you listen to him on the podcast, you will see why I count on him to be ‘brutally’ honest.
  • Mike is my favorite cousins. He is more like a brother to me than a cousin. He has always been one of my biggest advocates. And, just like a brother, he usually thinks no guy is good enough for me. He is always subjectively hard on the men that I date. But, I know that Mike will always be transparent, honest,  and objective with me when I ask his opinion from a man’s point of view.
  • Dee was my college sweetheart. We began dating during a summer break and into the following school year. Our relationship ended amicably. We remain friends to this day. I know that if we are talking about relationships or when I need his opinion I can count on him to call me on my crap. He will tell me when I’m wrong in a loving but honest way.
  • John grew up with me. We have been friends since middle school. Our families have been close. We have been there for one another through the loss of parents and relationships. He is level headed and calm. He will always give me some ‘book’ sense and spiritual insight. But he truly is as close to having a big brother that I have ever had.

These men share their thoughts on relationships, spending time with their women, and what a women can do to keep their attention.

These men addressed the debate of quality vs quantity time  in drastically different ways. The talked about what attracts them to a woman. They describe in detail,  from a woman who can hold their attention with good conversation; to a woman who is willing to roll up her sleeves to work along side her man to reach his goals; to a woman who will be the “Bonnie” to his  “Clyde” because he enjoys [her] company.

You must  listen to the full interview. And, be sure to mark your calendar to join us as we continue the conversation this February! The Chef, Jason Ellis will host the guys at The Girlfriend Files’ Signature Red Velvet Pancake Brunch in Atlanta. Join our mailing list to get the most up to date information. You don’t want to miss this!

Strutting The Street

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