The Girlfriend Files is created out of the sheer love of the time that I spend with my closest girlfriends. This blog is where we laugh, cry, and share secrets…just between girlfriends.

I too am in the 40 and over age range. As I talked to my friends I realized that we are now in what is called the “Sandwich Generation–” the 40 to 65 age range where we are responsible for taking care of our children and aging parents. I also realized that there seemed to be some common things among us:

  1. We often are caregivers to young children or financially supporting adult children. Many times we are doing both.
  2. Sometimes we suffer in silence with this new transition of adulthood. Many women find themselves towing the weight of many demanding titles–Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, etc–and  all of the responsibilities  that come with them.
  3. We forget to take care of ourselves.

And while all of this is going on I am trying to squeeze in some fun too. I am learning to navigate dating, being an Empty Nester, and picking up my dreams and bucket list from where I left them to be a mom.

Join me on this journey. But most of all, share your stories and comments with me. Because most of all I want to create a sisterhood where we know that we are not alone in this new stage of life.

With Love & Respect,


aka Hey Girl

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